Why A New iPhone Feature Could Save Your Life

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Why A New iPhone Feature Could Save Your Life
Why A New iPhone Feature Could Save Your Life
Apple new iPhone feature is ridiculously good, and they released it before Android.

So when Apple does something first, people usually expect something bad. Like removing the headphone jack, creating the notch, and removing the fingerprint sensor. But this feature is so good, it will probably save someone’s life.

It’s called Personal Voice.

The idea is to help people who’ve lost the ability to speak. Because right now, if you get an illness that removes your voice, you’re left with two options. You either get a robotic voice, or use sign language.

Unless you have an iPhone.

To use Personal Voice, you have to be willing to read a set of text prompts out loud for 15 minutes. Afterwards, your iPhone will train a machine learning model to learn what you sound like. Then, you can type in some text, maybe in another language, and your iPhone won’t read it in Siri’s voice,

but yours. So



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