Top Plant ID Apps Compared

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Top Plant ID Apps Compared
Top Plant ID Apps Compared
I’ve come to realize recently that almost all my friends are secret plant nerds. That is, they have all come out to me to confess that they have downloaded one plant identification app or another, and they enjoy snapping pics of pretty plants on their neighborhood strolls to try to learn more about the species around them. And I obviously relate! But I noticed that EVERYONE had a different app, and I wondered, which one is the best?

I have been using Garden Compass for a year or two and it’s been good to me, but there are so many others out there to choose from: paid subscription or free, data-based versus consultant-based, apps that give their best and quickest estimate, and apps that only provide an answer when they have absolute certainty of what it is, there are even apps that force you to observe the plant closely with your own eyes, giving you the tools to eventually be able to ID different species on your own!

In this video I compare Garden Compass, Picture This, Plant Snap, Seek, iPflanzen, Flower Checker, Plant Net, and Google Lens… In the field! Walk around my ‘hood with me and let’s test these things out! I was surprised to find that not all apps were created equal. I definitely have a strong opinion about which ones I would recommend. Watch to the end to find out!

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