The Level1 Show January 17 2024: SpacedX

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The Level1 Show January 17 2024: SpacedX
The Level1 Show January 17 2024: SpacedX

0:00 – Intro
0:18 – HPE to acquire Juniper Networks for 14 billion
0:48 – HP sued (again) for blocking third-party ink from printers, accused of monopoly
1:21 – Quantum computing startup says it will beat IBM to error correction
2:22 -‘A mouse for your mouth’: New device allows users to scroll with their tongues
3:44 – Rabbit sells out two batches of 10,000 R1 pocket AI companions over two days
5:11 – Asus’ new laptop has two screens and a removable keyboard
5:42 – Samsung debuts the world’s first transparent MicroLED screen at CES 2024
6:09 – LG brought the world’s first wireless transparent OLED TV to CES 2024
7:24 – GeForce RTX 40 SUPER Series: New Heroes Debut in the Gaming and Creating Universe With AI as Their Superpower
8:01 – Apple Vision Pro launches February 2nd
8:55 – Honda announces a new line of electric cars, the Honda 0
11:30 – SpaceX deploys direct-to-smartphone satellites in first launch of 2024
12:04 – How to claim your slice of a 100 million Verizon settlement
13:01 – Faster than ever: Wi-Fi 7 standard arrives
13:57 – Elon Musk’s alleged drug use puts 13,000 jobs at risk, report suggests
16:20 – Tesla (TSLA) Tells Staff All US Production Workers Getting Pay Raise
17:00 – Hertz is selling 1/3 of its electric cars to buy gas cars instead
18:16 – Citigroup to cut 20,000 roles in Fraser’s bid to boost returns
18:34 – Google Cuts Hundreds of Jobs in Engineering and Other Divisions
19:01 – Google removes ‘underutilized’ Assistant features to focus on ‘quality and reliability’
19:54 – Amazon’s Twitch to Cut 500 Employees, About 35% of Staff
20:24 – Unity Software to cut 25% of staff in ‘company reset’ continuation
20:54 – As Duolingo Taps AI for Translation, Human Contractors Lose Their Jobs
21:21 – Discord lays off 17 percent of employees
21:53 – Amazon finally has a way to cast your content to its Fire TVs
22:26 – Broadcom ditches most of VMware’s Cloud Service Providers
23:14 – Apple tells developers not to call their AR and VR apps AR or VR apps
25:16 – Microsoft briefly overtakes Apple as world’s most valuable company
25:43 – Capcom caught adding Enigma DRM to older titles, for no good reason
26:22 – Piracy Is Surging Again Because Streaming Execs Ignored The Lessons Of The Past
27:05 – YouTube will now direct you to the right first-aid videos during an emergency
28:05 – Linux kernel 6.7 brings new bcachefs file system
28:51 – HyperVerse crypto promoter ‘Bitcoin Rodney’ arrested and charged in US
29:15 – Google Formally Endorses Right to Repair, Will Lobby to Pass Repair Laws
30:08 – Turkish competition board to fine Meta 160,000 per day for non-compliance
30:36 – Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reveals his latest project on Facebook and Instagram
32:06 – Man Sues 27 Women After Facebook Users Call Him ‘Clingy’ and ‘Psycho’
34:01 – X Purges Prominent Journalists, Leftists With No Explanation
34:51 – Elon Musk’s X to launch peer-to-peer payments this year
36:20 – Vietnam fines TikToker 300 for saying Angkor Wat is in Thailand

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