Samsung Smart TV: No Sound? – How to Fix!

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Samsung Smart TV: No Sound? - How to Fix!
Samsung Smart TV: No Sound? – How to Fix!
Are you facing No Audio issues Samsung Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV or facing any issues mentioned below with Samsung smart TV Speaker like-

* Only Picture no Sound,
* Echoing Sound,
* Muffled Sound,
* Delayed audio,
* Sound Very Low/ No Sound,
* Left/Right side not working,
* Cracking/ Static Sound and more?

Don’t Panic, In this video, we will show you the 5 straightforward solutions to fix the No sound issue on Samsung Smart TV 4K effectively along with how to Reset Sound Settings on Samsung TV as well.

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0:00 Samsung TV Speaker No Audio Issue.
0:20 Solution 1: Cold Boot/ Force Restart
0:38 Solution 2: Check Audio Output
1:03 Solution 3: Adjust Sound Settings and Balance/ Reset Sound Settings
1:51 Solution 4: Check the Sound Settings of the connected device
2:08 Solution 5: Remove additional Accessories

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