#ProjectSideBySide Adobe Summit Sneaks 2023

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#ProjectSideBySide Adobe Summit Sneaks 2023
#ProjectSideBySide Adobe Summit Sneaks 2023
Showcasing a truly collaborative analytics experience, Side by Side enables cross-functional teams to log into the same projects and collaborate with Adobe Product Analytics. In addition to allowing teams across the enterprise to view the same datasets on multiple computers at the same time, the project enables synchronized report updates, and visibility of who is looking at the report and/or actively viewing the project.

Learn more about all of the 2023 Adobe Summit Sneaks: https://blog.adobe.com/en/publish/2023/03/22/adobe-summit-sneaks-showcase-visionary-new-commerce-marketing-ai-innovations

Summit Sneaks is where we show off early technology previews of potential features that may or may not get into our products.

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