My 20 Favorite Apple Mail Tips & Features

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My 20 Favorite Apple Mail Tips & Features
My 20 Favorite Apple Mail Tips & Features
Apple/Mac Mail can do a lot these days. You might not know about all of its features, even if you have been using Mail for a long time. Here are my 20 favorite Mail features.


00:00 Introduction
00:07 Triage Email with Flags
01:16 Filter Email
01:47 Block Senders
02:08 Use Column View
02:19 Organize with Smart Mailboxes
03:16 Set VIPs
03:48 Limit Email Notifications
04:29 Master the Search Feature
05:29 Get Follow-Up Reminders
05:49 Set Reminders for Specific Emails
06:02 Mute Email Threads
06:32 Unsubscribe Quickly & Easily
06:52 Add Frequently-Used Mailboxes to the Sidebar
07:15 Customize the Mail Toolbar
07:26 Hide Your Email Address
08:03 Send Emails Later (Schedule Email)
08:22 Quickly Email a File Attachment
08:43 Quickly Scan & Email a Paper Document
09:14 Rename Email Accounts to Organize Them


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