Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions for the DJ in 2024

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Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions for the DJ in 2024
Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions for the DJ in 2024
Unlock instant success for DJs with these essential FREE Google Chrome extensions for 2024! Manipulate and scratch any YouTube video, get the accurate BPM of any song, boost your audio, cue tracks like a pro, and more. Join the Crate Hackers community to get the inside scoop on the top tools and shortcuts that will transform your DJ skills. Don’t sleep on these game-changing Google Chrome hacks – level up your DJ game now and start dominating every gig!

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00:00 Introduction
01:39 You.DJ DJ Controls
02:06 Soundup Sound Booster
02:37 BPM Tapper
03:01 Drum Pad Web Extension
03:16 Tab DJ
03:41 Spotify Web Player Search
04:12 Spotify Playback Speed
04:41 Spotify Web Player Hotkeys
04:58 SoundCloud Pop Up Player
05:10 Hot Key Music Controller
05:49 TasksBoard
06:10 HARPA AI
06:47 PromptBox
07:22 Emoji Keyboard
07:43 News Feed Eradicator

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