Micromobility at CES 2024: Recap Part 1

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Micromobility at CES 2024: Recap Part 1
Micromobility at CES 2024: Recap Part 1
The Consumer Electronics show is in full swing! Tyson is covering the event and his mission is to talk to every micromobility-related exhibitor before the end of the week. Can he do it?! Stay tuned for the rest of this recap series to find out.

Companies featured in this video, by order of appearance: Himiway, Urtopia, KIXIN, Heybike, Meepo, OKAI, Vanpowers, Squad Mobility, Verge Motorcycles, Airwheel, Cyrusher.

00:00 Introduction
00:46 Himiway E-Bikes
03:43 Urtopia E-Bikes with ChatGPT
07:38 KIXIN E-Bikes & Scooters
12:15 Heybike E-Bikes
15:11 Meepo E-Skateboards
18:27 OKAI E-bikes & Scooters
25:20 Vanpowers E-Bikes
32:19 Squad Mobility Solar Buggy
34:20 Verge Motorcycles
36:26 Airwheel Suitcase Scooter
38:10 Cyrusher E-Bikes

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