Make A Plan For Customer Experience Success in 2024

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Make A Plan For Customer Experience Success in 2024
Make A Plan For Customer Experience Success in 2024
The past few years brought remarkable change to how organizations can — and should — fulfill customer needs.

As a customer experience (CX) leader, balancing priorities and knowing where to start in delivering on expectations can feel challenging.

Now is the time — CX teams have more resources and opportunities than ever to create truly meaningful experiences to earn customer loyalty.

Innovating on the customer experience starts with a plan – including immediate foundational steps to take, evolutionary growth, and longer-term strategies for continued success.

In this video, we provide strategies and resources so that you can confidently plan for CX success this year.

Video Highlights:
00:00 Welcome and Topic Introduction
05:51 What is Customer Experience Success?
07:04 Setting Your Customer Experience Foundation
07:38 Your 2024 Customer Experience Plan
08:37 A. Define what customer experience success means to your organization.
10:51 B. Set clear goals and know how to measure them.
13:45 C. Clearly align your CX goals with what’s most important to your leaders.
16:09 D. Help other leaders communicate how their team goals are connected to CX success.
19:42 E. Leverage customer journey mapping and invite various leaders to participate.
21:27 F. Create communication strategies to include CX ideas on a regular basis.
22:56 G. Set up a CX Team of cross-functional leaders.
26:18 H. Add a more formal structure to your CX champion program.
27:54 I. Work with HR leaders to include CX priorities and education in employee hiring and onboarding.
29:14 J. Collaborate on an employee recognition program focused on customer experience.
30:39 K. Report your results!
33:50 Recap and Final Thoughts
37:07 Q&A: What is the most customer-centric way to get customer experience feedback?
41:08 Q&A: What are others doing with their /”close the loop/” feedback process?
45:42 Q&A: What works or doesn’t work when CX does not have a designated group in a company?
50:46 Q&A: What is the impact of the consolidation of quality feedback for efficiency’s sake?
54:30 Q&A: What’s common ground/language that helps CX pros get product or revenue only-minded executives onboard?
57:49 More Resources and Wrapping Up

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