iOS 17: How To Create Contact Poster On iPhone

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iOS 17: How To Create Contact Poster On iPhone
iOS 17: How To Create Contact Poster On iPhone
Learn how to create a contact poster on your iPhone using the latest iOS 17 update.

With the latest iOS 17, users can now create contact posters on their iPhones. It can be a handy way to share your contact information quickly and efficiently, whether it’s for networking events, conferences, or simply sharing your details with friends and family. With iOS 17, Apple has introduced a streamlined process to make it even easier.

iOS 17: How To Create Contact Poster On iPhone

Step 1:Open the Contacts app: Locate the Contacts app on your iPhone’s home screen and tap to open it.

Step 2: Select the contact: Browse through your contacts and select the specific contact for which you want to create a contact poster.

Step 3: Tap on Edit at the top right corner, then select ‘Edit’ to access the Contact poster templates on your iPhone.

Step 4: Choose a Contact Poster: On the Contact poster template, scroll through the options and find the one you’d prefer. If you’d like to create your own, tap on ‘Create New’.

Step 5: Customize the contact poster: At this stage, you can customize the appearance of the contact poster. You’ll have options to select a custom picture or photo, background color, font style, and choose which contact information to include on the poster. Make your preferred selections to personalize the contact poster.

Step 6: Save and share the contact poster: Once you’re satisfied with the customization, tap on the /”Done/” button to save the contact poster to your device. After saving, you’ll be able to see a preview of what it looks like. Tap on /”Continue/” and this will be applied to that particular contact.

You can decide to add a contact photo if you’d like. To do so, tap on ‘Update’ and follow any on-screen instructions that will appear. If you’d like to have the poster alone, you can tap on ‘Skip’.

You can test it and see how it will look like when a call comes in from that particular contact.

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