I’m Suddenly Getting More Spam Emails. Should I Be Worried?

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I’m Suddenly Getting More Spam Emails. Should I Be Worried?
I’m Suddenly Getting More Spam Emails. Should I Be Worried?
A sudden flood of additional spam is not unusual. I’ll look at why I think it happens, and when I start to worry.

Suddenly getting more spam
Waves of additional spam are not uncommon as spammers ramp up campaigns and make use of email addresses collected in recent breaches. If spam is landing in your spam folder, then the system is working as designed. While spam itself is nothing to really worry about, other unexpected activity across your online accounts and digital world are definitely worth paying attention to.

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0:00 Suddenly Getting More Spam
1:06 Looking at my machine
1:54 The spam folder
2:12 You cannot stop spam
2:56 False negatives/positives
4:44 Where floods come from
6:38 When to worry

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