How to Make Your Apple Watch as Accurate as Possible

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How to Make Your Apple Watch as Accurate as Possible
How to Make Your Apple Watch as Accurate as Possible
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Ensuring my Apple Watch is as accurate as possible, is very important to me. I have figured out what features need to be changed in order to optimize the data. I’ll share my top Apple Watch tips so that you can make your Apple Watch accurate too!

“Get the most accurate measurements using your Apple Watch”
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** Timecodes **
00:00 – Apple Watch as Accurate as Possible
00:18 – Tip 1: Keep your personal information up to date
01:36 – Tip 2: Make sure that vou earn move and exercise credit
03:06 – Tip 3: Make sure that wrist detection is on
04:04 – Tip 4: Check the fit
07:07 – Bombas
08:14 – Tip 5: Get the most accurate heart rate measurement
09:04 – Tip 6: Choose the best workout
10:15 – Tip 7: Calibrate your Apple Watch
12:50 – Tip 8: Heart Rate Variability (HRV) – don’t do this

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