Crazy UFC towel scandals

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Crazy UFC towel scandals
Crazy UFC towel scandals
The towel scandal in UFC has always been a controversy for the fans. We all know that fighters such as Cormier and Khamzat have used sneaky thumb control to take a few grams off the scale. Not only have these cases been problematic, but there have also been instances of athletes being flashed.

For example, Misha Tate had to go through a difficult situation. The UFC used four sheets of towel to cover her, but one of the employees accidentally dropped the towel for a second, Misha almost flashed her breast. Look at her her facial expression clearly shows that this is bullshit

On the other hand, Eryk Anderson’s ding dong was completely exposed because one of the NY commsioners slipped the towel
Despite the UFC’s valuation of 10 billion dollars, they’ve started using this portable booths very recently#shorts #ufc #kickboxing #jiujitsu #memes

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