Carl: App to keep your plants alive #plantidentification

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Carl: App to keep your plants alive #plantidentification
Carl: App to keep your plants alive #plantidentification
Welcome to Carl, your ultimate gardening companion

Huge database of 18,000 plant species
Identify over 100 plant diseases and give a step-by-step plant guide on how to treat each issue

With one snap you can:
– explore what kind of plant it is
– find out if the plant is poisonous or not
– check plant’s health
– get personalized plant care guide with automatic notifier
– receive treatment guide for each disease, with the detailed explanation of each step to treat and prevent
– find the proper amount of light for the plant with built-in light meter
– understand how to properly water your plant with built-in watering calculator
– get help from plant experts
– enjoy your plant journey

Try it and make sure — plant identification has never been so easy!

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