Best of CES 2024

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Best of CES 2024
Best of CES 2024
Today is our team’s last day on the ground, which means it’s also time for us to announce our annual Best of CES award winners. You may notice an obvious difference this year, which is that we’ve gotten rid of categories. From our point of view, we still attempted to see as broad a range of products as possible: laptops, mobile devices, gaming gear, smart home stuff, cars and items meant for people with disabilities. When it came to choosing winners, though, we saved time not having to debate amongst ourselves whether something was a laptop or a gaming device, a wearable or an accessibility device. A good product is just a good product.

Without further ado, we present our winners for CES 2024. But don’t mistake this for the last of our CES coverage: We have more videos in the pipeline for you to watch over the coming days.

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