[2023NEW] How to to Empty Trash on Android

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[2023NEW] How to to Empty Trash on Android
[2023NEW] How to to Empty Trash on Android
In this video I’m going to show you how to empty trash on Android, helping you free up storage space and keep your device running smoothly. More text tutorial: https://bit.ly/3QpJzfu

0:00 Intro
0:33 Basic Information About Recycle Bin in Android
1:20 Method 1: Clear Cached Data
1:46 Method 2: Delete Downloaded Files
2:20 Method 3: Delete Duplicate Photos
2:55 Method 4: Manage Downloaded Music
3:23 Method 5: Use an SD Card
3:45 Method 6: Backup Files to Another Location
4:10 How to Recover Deleted Files from Android SD Card

Learn the 6 methods to remove junk files on Android, including clearing cached data and deleting downloaded files.

Discover how to delete duplicate photos, manage downloaded music, use an SD card, and back up files to another location. I’ll also guide you on how to recover deleted files from your Android SD card using Recoverit.

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