12 INCREDIBLE things your iPhone can do RIGHT NOW!

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12 INCREDIBLE things your iPhone can do RIGHT NOW!
12 INCREDIBLE things your iPhone can do RIGHT NOW!
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In this video, I discuss 12 AMAZING things that your iPhone can do right now!

The original shortcuts video https://youtu.be/V4LBqcB4oQw?sitedGfC26JZxg0EiP

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0:00 – Intro
0:24 – Tell you what you’re looking at
1:45 – Automatically design your Home Screen
2:52 – Automatically transcribe your messages
5:00 – Wirelessly scan docs to your Mac
6:12 – Pay for things using your face
7:26 – Make FaceTime calls on your TV
9:18 – View things in your home
10:52 – Measure things
12:15 – Automate pretty much anything
15:23 – Search photos based on their content
16:11 – Pull text from a photo
17:36 – Check in automatically

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